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8/11/03 - Jacksonville

Murdered Woman's Family Promises To Make Changes

It was less than two weeks ago since Faye Jewel Harris was gunned down in her mother's driveway by a shotgun, allegedly fired by her estranged husband. For her friends and family, the pain remains.

"We're struggling with it even now," says Faye's friend and pastor Dr. M. R. Parson. "This is not something that's just going to go away overnight, the pain will still be there, the sadness, the void is still going to be there."

Reverend Dr. Parson, along with Faye's mother, Gerlean Bell, and her sister, Lee Morris Bell, have decided to take their pain and turn it into a positive. They're beginning the Faye Jewel Bell Spousal Abuse Foundation.

"We're building a foundation not only for Faye Jewel," Rev. Dr. Parson says. "We're building a foundation for people who can't afford a lawyer to get some help."

The family hopes this foundation can improve the system for women in dangerous relationships, a system they say failed Faye.

"We want to change the law so the people of spousal abuse can be protected and protected right away. We don't want people to fall through the cracks anymore," Rev. Dr. Parson says. "We need to do something, not for Faye Jewel because she's no longer here."

"But there are other Faye Jewels out there who need protection."

If you'd like more information on the Faye Jewel Bell Spousal Abuse Foundation, you can reach Reverend Dr. Parson at 903-586-2071. A trust has also been established in the name of Faye's 15 year-old daughter, Brianna Riggs, who was with her mother when she was murdered. That trust is held at Austin Bank in Jacksonville.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.

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