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Another Alternative To Breast Reconstruction

Frances Ferguson was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2000. She was only 47. She had a mastectomy and she opted for reconstructive surgery -- but it wasn't successful.

"I was asymmetrical," she said. "I was lop-sided. It just didn't look well. I couldn't wear a bathing suit or anything that is form fitting. It was very obvious it wasn't right."

She and her husband came up with a way to give her a new breast without another surgery.

"I put it on with just a regular bra. I looked in the mirror and I really had to look hard to see the edge of it. It looked and felt like I was a whole person again."

Her husband realized by making a mold of the remaining breast, he could use silicone to make a life-like mirror image. The silicone model fits right in your bra and can even adhere to your body. Frances says it changed her life.

"It allows you to go back to your natural life. It allows you to wear the clothes you have in your closet.:

The breast prosthesis her husband made is available all around the country under the name Radiant Impressions. In east Texas they are sold exclusively at The Women's Health Boutique in Longview. Most insurance companies do cover the cost of the prosthesis.

The Women's Health Boutique is located at 510 East Loop 281 in Longview, 903-758-9904.

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