Parents Make Last Mad Dash For School Supplies

Shopping for those school supplies is the first test of the school year. A test of patience, that is, for the parents.

They can be seen everywhere. Parents, with children in tow and lists in hand.

"Uh, where do you find the pipe stems," says one grandmother shopping for three grand children.

Christy Ellis she has to find everything on her first grade and preschool daughter's school lists, fight the crowds and keep her kids in line.

Can she do it?

"They want the 100 sheet wide ruled and they only have 180 or they have 70 so do I go with 70 or do I go with 180," says Christy.

Now to folders. While Christy and the kids look for those that lady looking for pipe cleaners is still looking.

"Pipe cleaners what do i have to do, go back to the pipes? I don't know."

Meanwhile Christy is asking for help.

"I need 4 folders with pockets and brads. One each blue, red, yellow and green. Can you just follow me around," she finally asks a Target employee.

With her shopping trip finally over, Christy's learned a lesson she won't forget.

"Probably next time I'll just come by myself," says Christy.

Amy Tatum, reporting.