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Repeat performance expected for roads on Saturday

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – More and more drivers hit the roads as the morning wore on, on Friday. Many of them probably wish they could've just stayed home.

Road conditions improved through the afternoon, but temperatures are expected to drop again Friday night.

Tyler Police still ask that drivers stay home, if they can. After the slipping and sliding Friday morning, Police are afraid that could make a return appearance, and strand even more motorists.

Dense dry snowpack turned streets into sheets of ice; it didn't' take long for motorists to find the trouble spots.

Tyler Police broke out the snow chains to get around, blocking off hills and steep inclines, to keep as many people as possible from sliding even more.

"We are working as much as we can to get traffic moving," said Sgt. Jerald Riggle with the Tyler Police Department.

Tow truck drivers spent the morning clearing stranded and abandoned cars from the middle of the road.

"Inside the city, all streets that had slopes on them were problems this morning, Sand trucks are out, so things are improving," said Riggle.

But, not soon enough for the drivers of the three big rigs that shut down traffic on Hwy 69.

One truck and it's two trailers had to sit and wait on the slick roadway, jack-knifed for nearly an hour and a half.

"We thought we'd get out and venture in it and see what's going on," said Zack Walker. Walker was waiting on traffic to clear on Highway 69. "We came down over there by the hills. It's pretty nasty and there's a guy caught in the bottom of it."

It took Walker and his family twice as long to get to Tyler from Lindale, against better judgment. "It's my birthday, and they promised if I came out on my birthday, I'd get free breakfast."

"Just be careful everybody. It's bad out here," said Riggle.

Some of the roads did get some sunshine, Friday. That helped melt some of the snow and ice, and helped tires get back down on the pavement. Several roads were still very thick with ice.

Sand crews hit as many major areas throughout the city as soon as possible. Police are reporting no fatal accidents.

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