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Numerous accidents left I-20 at standstill

By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Interstate 20 turned into a skating rink early this morning as snow was packed into ice by traffic. Hundreds of drivers were stranded in both directions from different accidents between Jim Hogg Road and FM 2015.

The domino effect was in full swing on I-20.

Many traveling interstate 20 this morning really wished they would have stayed home. Numerous accidents brought traffic to a halt, but sometimes not soon enough.

Adrian Welch of Welch Trucking from Atlanta said, "Coming down that hill. Icy. Couldn't stop. Bad out here. Even the state trooper said we should have done something to this road. Ain't nothing you can do out here."

Jay Nicholson from Gainesville Texas said, "They got that wreck up there, so I just have to sit here and wait. I've been out here for about two hours."

As soon as one scene was cleared, there would be another. The wreckers were trying to help, but look closely and you can see just how slick it is. Ouch.

New cars being hauled to Peltier in Tyler got caught up in this westbound mess. Jason Mitcheson came to a sliding halt.

He said, "It's not bad until you have idiots stop in front of you. I'm standing here waiting on a sand truck to come sand this hill up."

It was a little surreal standing with others in the middle of the interstate. I hope no one is waiting on their car.

Jason said, "Surely not, They'll get there when they get there. When I get them there, they'll be in one piece. That's the good thing.

After a couple hours the Texas Department of Transportation showed up with sand trucks. They had been working an eastbound hill that was giving everyone traction problems.

They had to spread sand directly underneath the tires, but finally it worked. The trucks were moving again.

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