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Officials warn about road conditions overnight and Friday

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Conditions are pretty dry as of Thursday evening, but the anticipated snowfall could keep buses at the barn, and make for a slippery commute on Friday morning.

East Texas has seen snow and ice before, but the concerns are a bit different this time around. The roads have been just as cold for just as long as everything else in East Texas.

That, combined with more cold, and possibly snow and ice, could turn streets into sheets of ice within minutes.

Yes, it's cold; up until now, we could all say, "at least the roads are good."

Parts of East Texas could see anywhere from half an inch to two inches of snowfall overnight and into the morning. But, this snow will be different.

"This is not a very wet snow, this is going to be a dry snow," says KLTV Meteorologist Grant Dade

Dade says that dry snow, combined with subfreezing temperatures, can create a perfect storm out on the roadways—not just on bridges and overpasses.

"You'll have cars driving over this, and the cars and the heat from the cars will melt the snow. Whenever the cars are gone, what's there is going to freeze almost instantly. Depends on how cold the road surfaces are," said Dade.

City of Tyler Public Works Director Greg Morgan says city crews have been gearing up all week, "Not nervous, always concerned."

Sand trucks are on stand-by and crews will be on-call all night.

He says the city doesn't sand every street, but will focus on those major thoroughfares.

Larry Krantz with TxDOT says things could be worse, "Snow on top of ice would be a different and much more dangerous story."

"There really hasn't been the opportunity for water or ice or accumulation to get out on the roadway. So, we're going into this snow event in the best shape we could possibly hope for," Krantz says.

TxDOT says they'll hit the highways as soon as ice starts to from—if it forms.

Of course, the safest thing to do is just stay off the roadways in those conditions if you absolutely don't have to travel.

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