A Better East Texas: State Education Cuts

How would you handle the budget crisis facing the State of Texas? Faced with lower revenue, state lawmakers will have to make spending cuts or, at the very least, keep expenses flat. But with a growing state population resulting in growing needs, even flat spending will mean a reduction of services. So, what would you do? Education is one of the largest expense items in the state's budget.  This broad section covers every type of schooling expense from Pre-K through college and it, historically, is an area of the budget that it targeted for spending cuts. Being discussed this year is the possibility of teacher furloughs where every teacher would have unpaid time off which could potentially save a bundle. Another option is increasing class size from the current 22 student cap. This would allow larger classes with fewer teachers. We will have to cut somewhere and both of these options seem like reasonable starting points. No one wants to go backwards, especially on the career front and in the area of instructing our children, but unfortunately there is no choice. Accept the cuts somewhere or face cutting teacher jobs altogether and that affects everyone.  So as we go through this cost cutting exercise, think about where you would cut. You can keep it to yourself or be daring post a comment on our website – kltv.com. Either way, it is a subject we all need to address and we need to give our lawmakers feedback and direction and that will make for a Better East Texas.