Trade Days Vendors Gear for Fair

If it's the second full weekend of the month, then trade days is doing a good business at the Longview fairgrounds expo center... But most of theses business people are gearing for the soon coming Gregg county fair. "we'll have about 2 or 3 thousand people on a Saturday or Sunday out here... But when we come to September we gear up for the fair, that's a 5 day event we'll have between 180-190 thousand people here in 5 days from all over the place" says fairground organizer Billy Clay.

For independent business people like Debbie Lynne, who offers massage therapy, its a chance to introduce her business to thousands of possible clients. "It's great for people to see you and come to your business and know where you're at" says Lynne.

Vendors from all over the U-S come the fair each year creating a frenzied competition with local vendors. But some merchants say the competition is worth it... They can make as much as a quarter of their yearly sales on this one five day period... And many hope that this years fair will turn into September success. Bob Hallmark reporting.