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Water pipes are freezing, stopping water supply to East Texans

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

Freezing temperatures aren't just messing with the electricity here in East Texas...frozen water pipes are turning the water into ice. And as most East Texans want to stay inside as the temper tares drop, plumbers just don't have the same option.

Since early this morning, East Texans called to American Plumbing Company saying they had no water, due to the freezing weather. Plumbers have gone from business' to homes all day long to start the flow of water once again.

President Milton Vanderpool suggests homeowners to be on call tonight to prevent more frozen water pipes, and offers a few suggestions. "Basically, you want to provide heat where there is no heat.  The critical thing to do is to identify the vulnerability part of your system that is most susceptible to freezing.  That would be fixtures on an outside wall.  The remedy to that problem is to open the cabinet doors to allow the heat to generate inside the cabinet." 

Vanderpool also suggests to leave your water faucet dripping with hot water.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the American Plumbing Company in Tyler.  

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