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East Texans wait it out in the cold during power outages

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – For the East Texans whose power did go out, the toughest part was the hours waiting, in falling temperatures for everything to come back on.

Doug and Newell McRimmon sat in the dark almost all day Wednesday.

"Our electricity went off around 7:15 this morning," says Newell.

But sitting in the dark is the least of their worries, they also had no heat.

"It's about 57 now," said Doug.

And the temperature inside the home only kept dropping.

Newell says she normally gets up to exercise, but with the extreme cold, she just couldn't do it.

She also says with her knee and lung problems, she tries to avoid the outdoors as much as possible during cold weather, "You know I just don't have a lot of air getting to my lungs. I have to stay in, so I don't get out unless it's absolutely necessary."

But her only option today was to bundle up and wait it out.

"Well, that's all you can do, be grateful. It's no worse, but it's certainly not very pleasant," said Newell.

The McRimmons have had their power restored, and the temperature in their home is back to normal.

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