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8/08/03 - Henderson

Arrest Made In Two Year Old Rusk County Murder Case

"The telephone rang about 8:30 this morning," says Travoski Johnson's mother, Sharon Bratton. "He said we made an arrest and I started crying."

Sharon Bratton says she just couldn't rest until the person allegedly responsible for Travoski's death was arrested.

"Personally, I wanted to do it for my son," says Sharon Bratton, Travoski's mother.

Since that day two years ago when Travoski was found dead in the trunk of his car, she's been crying out for justice.

"I knew someone had done something to him that if he said his last word to them, he would say is,' My momma will find out what happened,'" says Sharon.

During the investigation, Sharon and others even questioned if the Rusk County Sheriff's Department was doing enough to find Travoski's murderer, protesting outside the sheriff's department. Now that Carbin Logan has been charged with Travoski's murder, Sharon feels differently.

"I misjudged them," says Bratton. "I know there were times they couldn't tell me anything, but I want the African American community to know you can trust the Rusk County Sheriff's Department."

"I've got some investigators that won't give up," says Sheriff James Stroud. "They have been relentless and they were able to talk to some different witnesses and gather information."

Enough information, to finally arrest Logan. A little peace for a mother who spent the last two years praying for this day.

"My son, I know now he can rest in peace," says Bratton.

Carbin Logan's bond was set at one million dollars for the murder.

Dana Dixon, reporting.

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