Lamb Entertainment Owner Speaks About Future

Joe Lamb, the owner of Lamb entertainment fireworks plant that exploded killing 3 people on July 3rd, has broken his silence to talk about the effect the accident has had on his family and community.

The blast destroyed several area homes, and for Joe Lamb it's been a shattering test of personal character. His business destroyed, Lamb now has to make a decision. "The building site that your at now will probably never see another lamb business on it... We're probably leaning toward returning to the business , rebuilding restoring... but I'm very concerned about the emotion and impact on my immediate family" says Joe Lamb.

He continues to try to help those in his community who have had to leave their homes from the blast damage. "I hurt that something did happen for them and I hope that the good Lord willing that everybody is taken care of to the best of their ability." He surrounds himself with family now, and gets through each day with faith... "we have a very Christian very close very loving immediate family... without God theres no way in the world that any of us could have sustained through this horrendous horrific accident."

With an uncertain future Lamb is left to try and salvage what ever memories he can from the ashes. "It's the memories and the lives we've lived for 25 years."

He has not decided whether the business will continue at the same location.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.