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8/08/03 - Henderson

Free School Supplies In Henderson

  Boxes of crayons, bottles of glue, and smiling faces could been seen in Henderson today, all thanks to two women: Betty Jean Elder and Mary Craig.

"It really does something to a child to go to school without supplies," explains co-founder of the school supply program Mary Craig.

For more than 20 years Mary and Betty have worked diligently to provide free school supplies to the kids of Henderson.

"I just love to do it. I love kids and I like helping people," explains founder Betty Jean Elder.

Betty Jean and Mary get donations every year to buy school supplies all to help make the first day of school special a special one for hundreds of kids.

"They don't even feel like going to school cause they don't have schools supplies and clothes and shoes to wear. By having the tools they need to start the school year their morale and motivation is bolstered," explains Betty.

The kids are grateful and so are the parents.

"It's a help to start off the school year and we can still pay the bills, pay the rent and buy school clothes. Every little bit helps," says Lisa Roby.

Mary and Betty are just grateful they can make a difference.

"We don't get no reward for this. To God be the glory. We are doing this to glorify the name of Jesus -- because we like to do his work," says Betty Jean.

"To me, the beginning of school should be an exciting time, It was for me," say Mary.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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