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Super Bowl teams have no love for Cowboys

By Coleman Swierc

ARLINGTON, TEXAS (KLTV) - T.J. Lang put it best.

"They built this stadium to play the Super Bowl in, and we are glad we are playing in it and not them."

The scene at Super Bowl XLV is not one the Cowboys were hoping for.

The opponents don't care.

"They are kind of left out, they are like the little brother you have to leave behind at home sometimes." said Lang, a Packers offensive lineman. "But that is the way it works, not everyone can play here."

When Jerry Jones built his own stadium, he hoped his team would be in it for the Super Bowl.

"I know he had dreams and aspirations of the Cowboys being in the Super Bowl," said the Steelers Trai Essex, "But it just did not happen."

"It is a great feeling, and sorry to all the Cowboys fans, maybe they can get some black and gold," joked Steelers defensive lineman Brett Keisel.

Two of the Cowboys most hated rivals, the Packers and Steelers, will square off for the title.

On the Cowboys home field.

"Hopefully some of them watch the game and they will get some motivation," said Packers WR James Jones, "They don't want anybody else playing on their home field."

"They should have been here, we cant help that. We did our job," said Steelers lineman Chris Scott.

So instead of the Silver and Blue, its green and gold, black and gellow.

"It is only right," said Essex, "I know Jerry Jones isn't liking it that much right now, but it is what it is."

"I am glad we are on their field, rivalry or not." said Jones, "They have to deal with that, not us."

"It is a honor to be in here, and if it offends the Cowboys then we apologize, we are going to go and play the game," said Green Bay wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

And for Cowboys fans, there is always next year.

"They will make it one day, not here though. This is a monstrosity, and I love it, but it is for us to enjoy this time," said Essex.

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