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Freezing winds did some rearranging in Rusk County

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – If it wasn't a tornado, it was high winds hitting many parts of East Texas leaving damage behind.

Reports near the Joinerville community west of Henderson, showed the sub-freezing winds did some overnight rearranging.

It was the winter blast Michael Irwin thought he was ready for, "The wind, man, it cuts right through you," says Irwin.   

"We'd turned our heaters on and we'd gotten ready for the weather, but we wasn't really expecting this," said Irwin of the damage. Irwin hadn't counted on a devastating wind.

"It felt like the building I was in lifted up and came back down," Irvin recalled, "Heard a loud bang, and then power went off and everything got dark."

"There's not a whole lot that does scare me but that kind of got to me," he expressed.

Michael stayed inside until daylight, before walking out to witness the devastation.

Wind ripped not one, but two roofs right off their frames, scattering the debris more than fifty yards away.

The National Weather Service says a 90 mph down burst lasting close to ten seconds, was enough to change Irwin's night from warm to freezing.

Irwin says his water pump runs off of the electric, leaving him with no water, in addition to having no power.

Michael says he will be staying with family until the power at his home is turned back on.

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