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Woman sees sign from God in storm damage

By Jamey Boyum - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The winds from Tuesday's storms damaged many buildings around East Texas, including the home of Deedra McCloud who lives just north of Tyler.

She woke up to the sound of metal tearing off her house. When the storm passed and she looked outside,  she simply couldn't believe what she saw.

Deedra McCloud weathered the storm with the rest of us, but unfortunately her roof is not where it's supposed to be.  

"Looked outside and here's the roof laying here on the ground, I came here and looked and saw my whole roof laying here on the ground. And, when I came on out here and looked on top of the house to see what was left up there, and I said well, I guess I need to thank the lord because he left a sign up there on top of the house, a cross, to let us know he's still with us," she said.

It sits above the middle of the two back rooms in the house. And who are in the back rooms? A friend, Henry Ray Thompson, who was paralyzed in January 2009 in a car accident..and her son Nathan McCloud, who is resting after a car accident he was in the night before the storm.

"That's pretty crazy," I said to Henry.

"Yeah, " he laughed, "Especially since I got one sitting on the wall there, him walking on water, and then I turned around and she says there's on right over my head on top of the house."

Neither  Henry or Nathan had been outside to see it, so I showed them a picture.

Nathan said, "Well, I guess it just goes to show God works in mysterious ways. I guess he's just looking over us, I guess it's a halo, I don't know."

Henry added,"Yeah, I guess the good Lord is looking out for me in special ways. Because, over the last year it just been one thing after another. And, I just keep fighting back and keep praying.

The McClouds had just finished fixing their roof, and had no insurance. They hope they can get it in place before the next rain.

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