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"Yes, we're going to have quite a few burst pipes"

KLTV meteorologist, Grant Dade. KLTV meteorologist, Grant Dade.
Milton Vanderpool, plumber. Milton Vanderpool, plumber.

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Those extreme winds were just the beginning. Now the concern is the extreme wind chill from these bitterly cold temperature.

KLTV Meteorologist Grant Dade says most of East Texas dropped below freezing by noon, and we probably won't see anything above freezing until this weekend.

"This is just pure arctic air coming in, and this is going to keep it colder for a longer period of time," says Grant.

That's all Jose Amaro needed to hear, "Trying to keep my house warm, because I got little bitty ones in my house."

Amaro hit the hardware store for door seals, to keep things nice and toasty, "All that we need. We're ready for it."

"Run out of ice melt, faucet covers and pipe wrap," says Steve Keeton, manager of Sam R. Hill-ACE Lumber in Tyler.

"In about three days, we'll be selling lots of plumbing for frozen pipes that have busted, and they'll have to repair this stuff," says Keeton.

City of Tyler crews spent much of the day trying to keep that from happening—cutting the water to parks all over town, and turning on heaters, to keep utility pipes from  bursting.

"Today, we're hunting for something to do. But tomorrow, it'll be show time," says plumber Milton Vanderpool.

"Yes, we're going to have quite a few burst pipes," said Vanderpool. That's because people won't take the simple step of wrapping their exterior pipes.

Vanderpool explained that neoprene insulation will capture what little heat inside the pipe itself. "Short of that, you can wrap a towel around an outside hydrant, and then protect it with plastic so that it doesn't get soaked with water."

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