Local Episcopalians React To News of Gay Bishop

Local Episcopalians are wondering if the recent approval of a gay bishop in New Hampshire will have consequences here in East Texas. Many East Texas church members say they are disappointed at the decision to confirm Reverend V. Gene Robinson.

They say it ignores what the bible says about homosexuality... And the decision could have negative consequences. "I think it will be devisive for the church, I'm against it, it goes against scripture to have especially some one in leadership" says Longview resident Ray Cooper.

"In the end there will be strong ramifications from this decision , currently there are many people that feel alienated from the church as a result of this decision" Trinity Episcopal Church reverend Milton Black said.

The 2-point-3 million U-S member denomination has no official position for-or-against ordaining gays.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.