Flu outbreak keeping large number of students home

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

EUSTACE, TX (KLTV) – More than 150 students were out of class on Thursday at Eustace ISD after a brutal bout of flu and stomach viruses.

Brittanie Wooley has been battling the flu for the last couple of days. She came back to class early, because she can't afford to miss anymore days.

"I had such a bad fever last night that I was trying to take a hot shower, and I started hallucinating. I had to lay down because it was so bad. And it was scary because I almost blacked out," says Wooley.

She's just one of the hundreds of students who have been absent in recent weeks at Eustace ISD.

"It got pretty extreme last week. We had over 200 gone at one point, and the thing is, it wasn't just one illness that was affecting our kids and our staff," says Eustace High School Principal Stanley Sowers.

Principal Sowers says he's making sure his school is prepared to tackle the viruses head-on, "The maintenance staff and custodian staff have been on high alert, and they're steadily all day everyday sanitizing the classrooms, restrooms, and cafeteria."

Sowers says hand sanitizers are placed in every classroom to make sure they're available to all students.

But the viruses still has students saying, "Get away from me. Why'd you touch me? I'm going to get sick."

Students, Faculty, and Staff are all being warned: wash your hands and if you feel sick, stay at home.

The Eustace ISD Superintendent says the highest number of students absent for the district was 200. He says if the absences had reached 250, they would have had to cancel school for a few days.

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