Basketball coach indicted for sexual battery of student

Robert Moore.Photo Source: Clermont County Sheriff's Office.
Robert Moore.Photo Source: Clermont County Sheriff's Office.

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AMELIA, OH (FOX19) - A Clermont County Assistant Freshman Girl's Basketball Coach at Amelia High School has been indicted on one count of felony sexual battery.

Having sex with an 18-year-old, a legal-aged adult female, may have seemed like it was ok in the moment.

But there are three little words that landed him in jail, 'in loco parentis'.

They are the three words,  a latin phrase, that most likely 22 -year-old Robert Moore will never forget.

It means, 'in the place of a parent', and in Ohio,  the law dictates you cannot have sexual contact with a student,  even if they're of legal age.

"Even though she's 18," Clermont County Prosecutor Don White said. "To have a sexual relationship with her was against the law."

And, even if the sex was consensual.

"The way Ohio law handles something like this, as long as she's still a student and he's in a position of authority in the school, as a coach, a teacher a counselor, or an administrator, then it's considered to be, 'in loco parentis', or in place of a parent," White said.

Moore, known as "Mikey" to his former players, was indicted on one felony count of sexual battery Wednesday,  by the Clermont County Grand Jury.

Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg released a statement, saying the former Assistant Girls Basketball Coach for the Freshman team at Amelia High School,  had developed a relationship with the student through meetings, phone calls, and text messages.

But, on January 8th of this year, the statement claims Moore and the teen went to a party in Amelia together, were drinking alcohol, and then had sex at the party.

"They cannot have that kind of contact with students, period," White said. "And as we understand it, it was a one-time incident, as far as the sexual battery."

White said a few years back, there were up to ten cases involving teachers having sexual affairs with students in Clermont County.

"We spent, between myself and two or three of my assistants, we went out to most of the high schools, if not all the high schools in the county," White said.

Moore was in his third season as coach at the time of the offense.

"There's no question this is going to have an impact on the rest of this life," White said. "It's a third-degree felony, he could get up to 5 years in prison."

Moore was booked in the Clermont County jail on a 25-thousand dollars bond.

He will be arraigned next Thursday in the Common Pleas Court. White said he expects Moore will plead not guilty and after that, it's either a plea or a trial. 

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