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A Better East Texas: State of the Union

The President delivered the State of the Union address to congress and the nation on Tuesday.  There was a lot of hand holding as lawmakers buddied up with representatives from the opposing party as a sign of more civil discourse, but I believe it was really all a sham. The President and congress both are giving lip service to the cause of being more respectful but nothing will really change. The speech was nearly identical to State of the Union addresses of the past and had more of a political rally tone than anything. Congress will continue down the road to being deadlocked, the President will try but will have little success in getting even his revised agenda to gain traction and if anything substantial is passed, both sides will take credit and individuals from both sides will blame the other side for weaknesses in legislation. One thing is for sure, though.  Government will be providing fewer services. It will happen at the state and national level.  As individuals we are going to be left to fend for ourselves on many fronts. Now I don't say that in a militant sense but as the President put it – this is our Sputnik moment. The question then becomes, will we and our families be prepared for less government. It is a change that has been needed for years and a belt tightening that will affect the national psyche and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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