Redland Girl's Father Speaks Out About Vicious Dog Attack

The father of five year old Jade Demoss believes his daughter was attacked by stray dogs, not family pets, last month.

The five year old was found outside her brother's home in Redland, bleeding from multiple dog bites three weeks ago. The little girl's father says three stray dogs were found on the same property, lying under the home's foundation on Friday.

Two of the dogs were shot and killed, a third was wounded and has disappeared. Jade's father says his daughter remembers seeing a strange dog, not her own, just before the attack

"She didn't say anything until we got the hospital," recalls Mike Hebert, the little girl's father. "When we got into the hospital, she told them it was a big black dog."

Authorities say no wounded strays have been found in the neighborhood. A doctor working on Jade Demoss released a statement saying, "There's no way to confirm what type of animal attacked the girl."

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.