Municipal Court Director Explains How More Than $500,000 Stolen

New details on the hundreds of thousands of dollars suspected stolen from Tyler's Municipal Court.

Court Director Cam McCabe says a former employee is believed to have falsified a computer notation. That showed people arrested on warrants having served jail time instead of paying to get out of jail. The money that was actually paid in fines and penalties ended up in that employee's pocket.

McCabe assures citizens who paid their debts -- their records are clear.

"The public should not be concerned. Through the research and all of the information, we identify which people in the jail paid out, which didn't. We know there were no false arrests. There was nobody in the public that was affected by this," McCabe says.

Tyler Police say they expect an arrest within the month, and much more information will be released at that time. McCabe says details on how much time an inmate stayed in jail is a court record -- not public information which could be released to a potential employer.