Parents Expect Changes At School This Year

In just the first few minutes of class, things will be different for your kids.

"There's going to be a mandatory reciting of the pledge of allegiance and to the Texas flag. There will also be a mandatory 60 second moment of silence," says Cody Cunningham of TISD.

He says by law the children must remain silent for a full minute after the pledges for silent prayer, meditation, or reflection. If the kids are not silent he says teachers can take action under the student code of conduct. That could mean a warning or dismissal from class. The kids will also have to get aquatinted with the Texas pledge.

"Initially there will be some kids who don't know the pledge to the Texas flag cause a lot of us don't, but teachers and principals will work with the kids to teach them."

Cody says kids don't have to recite the pledges if their parents write a letter objecting too it.

But that's not the only change. Lunch time is changing too. Thanks to changes issued by the Texas Department of Agriculture on elementary school campuses there will be no more sodas or certain candy like chewing gum, hard candy, jelly candy or marshmallows candies. They have been deemed to have minimal nutritional value. At the middle school level, only one 12 ounce soda can be available to students during meal times.

"its really going to affect the elementary students in based on they won't be able to bring carbonated beverages or other foods of minimal nutritional value gums candy during class time," says TISD Food Services Coordinator Victor Olivares.

He says parents can still put sodas or hard sugar candy in their kids lunches.