Everyday Hero - Polly Morman

We have all seen the stories of soldiers returning from duty, being greeted in airports by family members and loads of friends.  Scenes such as these are a small effort to give thanks for serving our country.  The organization – Welcome Home Soldiers – oftentimes spearheads these receptions.  And our Everyday Hero is member of this organization.  But she works with Welcome Home Soldiers and so much more.  I am speaking of Polly Morman.  Polly goes the extra, extra mile to make sure that our soldiers know they are remembered and loved while serving our country.  Polly and her husband Walter send care packages to service men and women across the world.  She also exchanges emails with several soldiers and chaplains and keeps them supplied with things they really need or miss.  They become "Polly's Soldiers" and a friend writes that "she encourages them and prays for them as though they were her own children".  Polly is also in the process of collecting socks, shoes and winter clothing for children in Afghanistan.  She is truly making a difference across generations and across the world and Polly does this with little or no help and donates many of the items herself.  So it is with heartfelt thanks that we recognize Polly Morman as KLTV's Everyday Hero, giving to those serving our nation and impacting young lives a world away, making this a Better East Texas.