Say cheese

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

(KLTV) -   East Texan Jermichael Finley can say 'cheese' after all.  The injured Packers tight end was told Tuesday that he couldn't be in the team Super Bowl picture.

Wednesday the Packers had a change of heart.  Green Bay wants to focus on the big picture.  So now everyone can be in the team picture.

Finley and 14 other Packer players on the injured reserve list will be allowed in the Super Bowl photo next Tuesday in Arlington.

One of Finley's former coaches in Diboll says Finley is an important part of the Super Bowl team.

"He played for them, he started," said Diboll coach Phil Bailey. "It wasn't his fault he got hurt. Therefore he should be carried as a regular team member no matter if they didn't get in the playoffs or go to the Super Bowl. He should get a Super Bowl ring. He was part of the team before he got hurt, and it's wrong."

Finley has been out since injuring his knee in October.

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