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Killer on the loose, Fiancee wants justice

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KILGORE, TX (KLTV) – Kilgore Police have brought in reinforcements to find out who killed the clerk at an adult video store.

Renee Garrett, 25, was killed January 10, in an apparent robbery at the video store on Industrial Ave.

Investigators gave KLTV a look at the "CSI" style methods they are now using to hopefully catch her killer.

Rindi Jones says it's been over two weeks since her partner Renee was killed, and all she and Renee's family want, are answers, "You took a life, that should have been lived forever. So, I hope they find you, I really do."

"We're taking another look at the crime scene with additional resources and new techniques. We're going to try to analyze some things inside the store," says Lt. Roman Roberson.

Texas Rangers, along with the Smith County Crime Scene Unit joined the Kilgore Police Department for what many might mistake as a scene from a CSI TV show.

"We just have to be detailed oriented. We have to look at everything, and we're still trying to develop some suspects in this. Working hard to use every resource available to find out who did this," Roberson said.

"I hope it goes well. I hope they can find finger prints, just anything that can help lead them to who killed her," Rindi expressed.

Authorities say the night Renee was killed, she called her manager about a problem with a customer. When the manager finally called the Police to check on  her, it was too late.

The killer left the scene taking money, along with a cash box.

While Rindi says she's learning to live without Renee, she still wants Justice, "They just need to find the people that did this and bring them in, and I hope they get the death penalty.

A $10,000 reward is still being offered to anyone with information that can lead to an arrest.

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