Rottweiler survives after being shot in the cheek

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Their teeth can be intimidating, but in the case of one East Texas Rottweiler, those teeth ended up saving her life. Lovie is a full bred Rottweiler who is sweet as they come...but her story isn't so sweet to hear.

Owner of four dogs, Tricia Minter, knew what a dog needed to survive, and could see Lovie wasn't getting any of it. Minter saw Lovie walking down her street, and was a little scared when the Rottweiler approached her.

She said, "The first time I met Lovie, she came straight to me, running towards me, raised up on me, and I realized right then that she just wanted a hug." Minter said Lovie really is a sweetheart.

After two weeks of caring for Lovie, Minter saw something suspicious on Lovie's face and decided to call the East Texas SPCA for a little help.

The SPCA jumped on board right away, and Lovie was taken to a Tyler Vet office. Veterinarian, Sharon Phillips, decided to perform surgery after seeing a broken tooth in Lovie's mouth. But it actually was much more than that.

Phillips says, "When I was removing to the tooth I noticed it was splintered, so I said I better take an X-Ray to see if there was something else going on, and sure enough there was a very large bullet that showed up on the area of the swelling of the face."

Lovie was shot by a .38 caliber handgun on the side of her face. Luckily, Lovie's canine teeth saved her life.

The bullet hit her teeth, and bounced off going into her cheek, which slowed the bullet down. If the bullet didn't hit her teeth, Dr. Phillips said it could have easier gone much further and done more damage.

Lovie did have a microchip in her, and so her the SPCA are trying to locate the owners. But looks like Lovie experienced abandonment.

Good news is...Lovie is loving life now at the vet, and can't wait for her new home. If you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting Lovie, call the East Texas SPCA.

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