13 year old's high speed chase caught on camera

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

NEW SUMMERFIELD, TX (KLTV) - He took a vehicle that wasn't his, drove dangerously fast down narrow roads and refused to pull over for police. The driver was no fugitive, he was a 13 year old.  It happened around 3:30 PM Monday just East of New Summerfield in Cherokee County along F.M. 235.

"The boy could have died real easy at what he was doing," said New Summerfield Police Chief Paul Hammack.

Cherokee County Constable Jamie Beene was leaving New Summerfield when a truck flew by, nearly going off the road.

"Officer Beene called me and said he had one running," said Hammack.

Beene pulled a Quick U-turn and then 40, 60, 80 miles per hour later, the truck came back into view, turning off the road onto Penny Lane. Before help could arrive Constable Beene thought he had cornered the truck behind a house, but the driver had other ideas, trying to run over the officer.

"Jamie jumped out of the way and all he could do was shoot the driver or shoot the tires so he took the tires out thinking maybe we could stop him," said Hammack.

The driver made one last ditch effort to get away and then...a dead end.

"He disregarded the safety of anybody, you know he just had no respect for the kids walking on the street or anybody else," said Hammack. "We had to get him out at gunpoint because he wouldn't get out of the vehicle."

Which is when the biggest surprise came,"His size just really surprises me with his age because he's a big as a 20 year old."

Just not old enough to get in a R rated movie, much less drive.

"It didn't upset him perfectly calm it's like he didn't think he did anything wrong and that's a 13 year old boy that's wrong," said Hammack. "They don't think about the consequences when they get behind that wheel because that's a four thousand pound bullet is what it is and if he had run over Jamie or over one of those kids out there he'd be in a lot worse shape than he's in now."

Right now the 13 year old boy is at the Anderson County Juvenile Center. He faces felony charges of evading arrest and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. The boy's father could face misdemeanor charges for letting an unlicensed driver operate a motor vehicle.

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