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Sleeping with pets could give you a disease: CDC study

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There is no doubt that East Texans love their pets. And letting them in bed with us is not unheard of. Maybe letting them lick our faces is not as widely practiced, but the CDC says that may put you at risk for some serious medical problems.

The risk of actually getting a disease is rare, but possible. Reports of staph infections, plagues, and meningitis were found.

A Tyler Veterinarian, Jim Ballow, says these diseases usually come with seniors, young children, or those who have an existing health condition, that sleep with their animals, and even then, it is still rare.

Ballow says, "The average healthy person even if they get the low exposure that they get, probably isn't going to be a great risk. In general, a healthy pet, and a healthy person, probably not a huge amount of risk."

Pet owner Victoria Baker works in a Veterinarian clinic and says she's not worried one bit with sleeping with her Chihuahua, "No I'm not worried, it was to happen, then I still wouldn't regret having her sleep with me."

Baker cleans her dog once a week, and values the importance of having a clean bed for her, and her dog.

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