Paint Pourri: "Does It Work?"

In this week's "Does It Work?" report, something completely new and different. It's a pretty unique product... a new way of making your home smell nice. It's called Paint Pourri. And if you think about the name, you can probably figure out how it's supposed to work. Question is... "Does It Work?"

Paint Pourri looks kind of like a pack of Kool-Aid. It's really pretty simple. Pour the contents of the one-ounce pouch into a gallon of paint, mix and paint as usual. The result is supposed to be a long lasting fragrance, either to create a certain mood or to neutralize odors. We painted an office at KLTV.

The scent we used is called "tropical winds". Before you buy, you can test it out with the little scratch 'n sniff label on the front of each pack. This one smells like kind of like "Juicy Fruit" gum.

It kind of collects on top of the paint and has a slightly greasy quality to it. But not to worry. It mixes in just fine. It's made to work in any latex or latex enamel paint.

In no time we're thoroughly mixed and ready to get started. No doubt there's something different about this paint now, and everyone who stopped by while we were painting noticed. Some people liked it. Some did not.

In all there are eight fragrances to choose from, including vanilla, wild flower, citrus and of course tropical winds.

So "Does It Work?"

When we first started, it was a bit strong for some folks. In fact, the scent gave some people who hung around long enough, a headache. But, after a few days, the scent toned down a bit and if room fragrance is "your thing" you'd probably love it. We give Paint Pourri, a "yes".

If you're real sensitive to smell, or if strong perfumes bother you, Paint Pourri is probably not for you.

If you're slightly sensitive, just be warned that the smell is going to be overwhelming at first, but it will back off in a few days. Our suggestion is, if you're going to try it, add a half pack to your gallon of paint. If you like it, add the rest to the gallon when you put on the second coat.

The scent is supposed to last 12 months in a small room... 4 to 6 months in a larger room.

Paint Pourri is really new. And not a lot of places carry it yet. Click here to access the company's web site and a list of dealers. It's not listed there, but a viewer tells us you can buy Paint Pourri at the Wal-Mart in Jacksonville.

The cost, per pack, is around 3 dollars.