Bear Country: Lovie Smith's family ready for another Super Bowl

By Coleman Swierc

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Every Sunday, their house becomes a Bears home.

"How do they say it? The joint will be jumping Sunday."

Martha Lemmons and Shelly Smith have watched their brother, Bears head coach Lovie Smith, from his days as a high school hero.

"If you were a boy in Big Sandy, you played football."

To now NFL celebrity.

"If you mention his name, you get all the breaks, they love Lovie," said Lemmons, "Regardless of what you have heard, if you go up there [Chicago], it is not like that, they love him."

"It is like you are walking around with a big celebrity," added Smith.

Now Lovie is leading his team, just one win from another Super Bowl.

"Before the season started, when all the stuff was going around about him, he told us on the phone, that I will be the Chicago coach next year, don't you worry about it." said Smith.

"He knew deep down, and he knew what he could accomplish if they gave him another chance, and he has pretty well done it."

"When he made it there in 2006, he followed his three year plan, it took us a little over three years this time, but close enough, the third time is the charm," added Lemmons.

And with one more win, the East Texas kid, will end his season, no matter what, in his home state.

In front of fans, and more importantly, family.

"It was a dream of my mom and my dad for Lovie to coach the Dallas Cowboys," said Smith, "If he were to win a Super Bowl in Cowboys stadium, that would be just as good.

"That would be enough right there."

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