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Firefighters save gospel group from burning bus

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LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - Firefighters say a flat tire sent a gospel group's tour bus off the road where it then burst into flames. The bus belonged to the Tennessee based gospel group Tribute Quartet. As the group was traveling east on Interstate 30 for a performance in Texarkana, a flat tire sent the bus off the road, and seconds later fire broke out.

"Your number one thing is scene safety of course , you're dealing with traffic," said Mount Vernon fire chief Jeremy Cox.

Firefighters were forced to take extra precaution, fighting both flames and traffic. Within minutes the bus was a burning inferno and as the quartet tried to save their instruments, rescue workers reminded them they needed to get away from the bus as quickly as possible.

"You're dealing with the bus being on fire, tires popping fuel tanks exploding," said Cox.

The group lost clothing and other items on the bus, which flames completely destroyed. Despite the loss, no injuries made firefighters efforts a success.

"It takes all of us working together to accomplish what we do, face this day in and day out our main goal is everyone who leaves out goes to a fire, make sure they make it home," said Cox.

In gratitude the group made their feelings know to their rescuers.

"I have received a letter of thanks from them," said Cox.

The bus was totally destroyed. According to Tribute Quartet web site, they have canceled their next two performances in Texarkana and Searcy Arkansas.

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