Rock out!

By Jamey Boyum - email
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas – email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's the most amazing Rock Show ever, and it's in Tyler this weekend! Yes, you can see such rock groups as the Trilobites and the Fossils.

Tickets are only three bucks, but unfortunately none of the "groups" sing. They just sit there and look pretty, or interesting. Yes, it's the East Texas Gem and Mineral Show, where you can see everything from a triceratops bone to glowing rocks. You can even buy most of the stuff.

Many agree rocks are a guy thing. But, gems are rocks, too, and women love them. Pretty much all kids are fascinated once they understand them a little. Hmm. That's everybody. Dad, you better plan on driving the family to the Rose Garden over the weekend.  Chuck Schuler has…

"Real , mummified dinosaur skin. And this is actually tendon, petrified tendon on the back."  Chuck  Schuler of Shu's Rocks and Minerals said.

And some of it's for sale. Skin is extremely rare, and it happens in..

"Iron ore, " he said.

"Iron or what?" I asked.

"Iron ore. Just a…" He replied.

"Iron or what?" I asked again.

"Iron or what, huh?" He asked me.

"Yeah. Iron or.."I asked again. With that, he sort of laughed.

There are plenty of Fossils for sale, as well as gemstones and even Russian Amber.

"Amber runs from 65 million to 200 million years old." Dennis Giadrosich  (Jad-So-Vitch) of Amber Way Jewelry Company Russian Amber said.

"You have stuff with bugs in it?" I asked.

"Yes we sure do." He replied.

"Is that stuff cheaper? It should be cheaper, there's a bug in it. There's a bug in my rock, dude." I stated.

"No, no. It's much more expensive. People like the bugs, and it's very rare to find a bug in it."  Dennis said.

And, of course who could forget the geodes? For as little as three bucks you can feel like you're a treasure hunter..or maybe a guest on "Let's Make a Deal".

Keith Harmon, a member of the East Texas Gem and Mineral Society, cracks one open.

"Woa!" A surprised group of kids blurt, seeing the crystals inside.

I'm still trying to get an answer to this question:

"Iron or what?" I ask yet again with no reply. " Uh-huh. That's what I thought. You can't answer the question. I am so out of here."

On the way out I spot the dinner table…It just looks like dinner, but all the food on the table is actually some type of rock.

The Gem and Mineral show is at the Rose Garden and runs Saturday January 22nd and Sunday the 23rd. Admission is three dollars for adults, and only a dollar for students.

Pretty cheap if you want to rock.

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