New Information in Deadly Tyler Shoot-out

Which bullets hit who? That's where Tyler police are in their investigation of the deadly shooting at the Grand Manor Apartments last Thursday night that left suspect Terence Raibon dead, bicycle officer Kenneth Gardner seriously injured and two innocent by-standers shot.

"We have all of the officers weapons as well as the suspects weapons will be sent to the lab for ballistics experts," says Chief Swindle. "Hopefully we will be able to determine what rounds and what their path or direction were to impact the people who were bystanders."

Chief Swindle also released the names of the four other bicycle officers involved in the incident. They were Josh Green, Philip Johnson, Mike Saxion and Billy Yates. But Chief swindle isn't saying which 3 officers fired their weapons.

"We want to be accurate with our statements when we make them and I can assure you officer Kenneth Gardner did not fire any rounds and that the suspect fired first."

All tolled Raibon fired four rounds at officers. Only three recovered. The officers fired 8, all recovered. "These officers were fighting for their lives as the suspect was fighting to escape," says Swindle.

Now, most of the bicycle team is on paid administrative leave. But Chief Swindle says even though they're needed back on the streets. He won't put them back to work until their investigation is complete and the men are psychologically ready.

The bicycle team could be off the streets until the case is presented to a Grand Jury.

Dana Dixon Reporting