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Cathy Krafve, Community Website contributor.
Cathy Krafve, Community Website contributor.

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – If you know anything about the news, you know it pretty much never stops. Here at KLTV 7, we do our best to cover what matters most to you. But sometimes, we can't get to all of it in just half an hour.

So, we want to give you a chance to share what's going on in your neighborhood.

Elizabeth Thomas is trying to change a problem, "There's really not a central place for people to go to find out what's really going on in their community."

So Elizabeth is building KLTV in your community, across East Texas, "I can go to Lindale's community page and I know exactly what's going on."

Each town gets its own page where you can share news, reviews, and upcoming events.

"It takes things that are going on and it really makes it very specific to each community," says Elizabeth.

More than 15 communities are featured, waiting for you to share what's going on. From Canton to Gilmer, and Palestine to Pittsburg, you're now able to go to a place where you can find news that applies to you and only you.

"For me, the best part is it's so simple and so easy," says freelance writer Cathy Krafve.

After years of spreading news through email and word of mouth, Krafve is now a community blogger, "I love uber local news, that's what I am all about because I think the free press is an important part of our culture. And I'm sort of passionate about it.

A quick sign up now lets her post stories, pictures, or videos on the South West Tyler community page.

When her Bethesda Clinic meeting ended, her post about it went up less than an hour later.

"I hope my friends will go and look at it later today," Krafve expressed.

Plays, church events, scholarship programs, and other activities all have a place in the community, and on the website.

Elizabeth says, "In the future, we hope to almost make it self-sustainable, where people contribute their own content to the site."

It gives you the freedom to get the word out on what matters most in your neck of the woods.

To get started, look at the right side of the KLTV homepage. Click on KLTV in your community. There, you can choose your town.

To join the conversation, submit a news tip or event, or become a community blogger.

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