Sinkhole in Subway parking lot on Beckham

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

TYLER,TX (KLTV)-  Where there used to be part of a parking lot, now there is a sinkhole.

The sinkhole was discovered at the back of the Subway parking on Beckham Ave. in Tyler.

"Sunday morning with  the rains that we were having a wall from a pre-existing wall structure on private property collapsed, when the wall collapsed the roof of the box also collapsed," said Greg Morgan, Public Utilities and Public Works.

Morgan said the pre-existing structure was built sometime between 1958 to 1968, and believes the water channel which runs underground might have had something to do with it.

"More than likely a weak point developed in the wall allowing a little bit of water to seep through and as the water started coming in to the side wall it more than like caused a larger opening causing the wall fail," said Morgan.

Crews began work to remove the debris that had fallen into the hole.

It was important to clear a pathway for the water channel which runs underground near Turtle Creek and Victory Lane.

"In the event that we receive any rain if we still have debris in that box and channel then it would cause water to back upstream which could cause flooding," said Morgan.

Once the debris was removed, they built another structure to place inside the hole. A trench box will be placed inside the sinkhole in order to reinforce the walls.

The trench box will only be a temporary fix until engineers and city planners can figure out the best avenue to fix the situation.

Morgan says their biggest concern is to stabilize the hole, open up the channel and keep it from growing

Beckham was only closed for about an hour Thursday morning as crews began repairs on the sinkhole.

No word yet on how long it will take to finish.

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