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AARP/Walgreen's Wellness Tour Dates

Released by Marketing Werks:

TYLER, TX (KLTV) The AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour bus is arriving in Tyler as part of the second leg of its two-year, national health screening campaign.  The tour aims to make much-needed health screenings available to adults of all ages, along with free education information that will greatly increase the chances for early detection of chronic disease and other potential health problems.

The screenings take place inside a 40-foot customized vehicle and include total cholesterol levels, blood pressure, bone density, glucose levels, waist circumference and body mass index.  Collectively the six health screenings (available for adults 18 and over) are worth more than $140 in value, but are being administered completely free.

The services provide adults with a critical foundation for early disease detection and no appointment is necessary. Results are instant and participants who get screened get a free one-year AARP membership. Participants under the age of 50 can pass on the free membership to an eligible adult.

Health screenings are a critical method for detecting potential diseases before symptoms are noticed. We would be thrilled to bring our screening vehicle to your station for you to take a tour and participate in the free screenings or for you to visit us at one of our many locations.  It is to the benefit of your community to know about this wellness tour. We welcome everyone to join us!

Tyler Dates & Locations:

  • Thursday, January 20

              10 am - 5 pm

              Walgreens- 1620 S. Broadway

  • Friday, January 21

              10 am - 5 pm

              Walgreens- 110 SSW Loop 323

  • Monday, January 24

              10 am - 5 pm

              Walgreens- 5415 S. Broadway

Henderson Date & Location

  • Saturday, January 22

               10 am - 5 pm

               Walgreens- 2126 US Hwy 79S

Palestine Date & Location

  • Sunday, January 23

                10 am - 5 pm

                Walgreens- 2201 S Loop 256

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