Are you accidentally over-medicating your child?

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas – email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – It's the middle of flu season, when plenty of parents become over the counter doctors for their kids.

But, hundreds of medicines bring hundreds of different directions; new research on children's medications shows it pays to read the fine print before medicating your child.

It's a shopping trip Mother Shaketa Ware has taken too many times to count. A quick look for the right medicine, a longer look at its directions for use.

"If you don't keep your box you will be in trouble… Everybody don't know one teaspoon is five milliliters," says Ware.

It's differences like that, that are causing the American Medical Association to take a closer look at 200 children's liquid medicine and label instructions. The study showed inconsistencies in 98% of top selling brands, from the posted directions to the measuring device.

Ware actually came across a box that explained that one teaspoon equals five milliliters.

The problem starts with the metric/standard dilemma. A serving size is five milliliters, but dosage is listed in teaspoons. Good luck measuring it right in the cup, you can barely read printed teaspoon and milliliter markings.

At Goode's Medicine Chest, the label confusion has become a daily struggle. "It's frustrating for us because we're here to help them, help their child get better—not get worse from an accidental overdose."

Mistakes from misdosing caused massive recalls in 2007, and new recalls are still coming to address rising concern. Ensuring parents like Shaketa give their child just what the doctor ordered.

You can click this link to view a list of current medications facing recalls.

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