Marshall Woman Searches For Missing Brother

For Marshall resident Danetta Clayborn, it's an agonizing time -- constantly on the phone, and constantly going through papers to find any clue as to the disappearance of her older brother... 41 year old Valentina "Bubba" Jenkins.

"Now we're basically looking for closure if he is gone we would like to know where he is so we can get him and give him a proper burial," says Clayborn.

With the help of a search group called Texas Equisearch, Clayborn has put in countless hours of research trying to piece together what happened just before her brother vanished.

It was April 28th that Jenkins received a ride from a Marshall Police Officer to the Gregg County line on Highway 80. He got of the car began to walk down the road, and that was the last time he was ever seen. A two-day search by Clayborn and volunteers in the East Loop 281 area turned up some leads that he had been seen appearing disoriented and confused... but still no closer to finding him.

"All we want to do right now is know... if anybody knows anything please let the family know," clayborn says.

Clayborn clings now to memories of her brother. Because that all she has left, and hopes to soon to put the memories to rest.

Bob Hallmark reporting.