Woman Slain By Shotgun By Alleged Estranged Husband

A Jacksonville neighborhood was quiet Sunday night after an afternoon shotgun murder.

It started at 1:20 Sunday afternoon, when Jacksonville Police say forty-three year-old Faye Harris got out of her car at her mother's house.

"She was getting out of the vehicle," explains Jacksonville Investigator Tonya Harris. "She appeared to be getting back from church, her and one of her daughters."

That's when police allege her estranged husband, forty-four year-old Michael Deshaun Harris, approached her.

"We're not sure if a struggle occurred at this point," says Investigator Harris. Faye Harris died in her mother's driveway, dead from a .410 shotgun wound. Police say Michael D. Harris fled the scene.

Faye's neighborhood was shocked, stunned at what happened. Faye's pastor said he had spoken to her mere moments before she died.

"She worked with our youth department here," says Reverend Dr. M. R. Parson, pastor of the Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church. "She had energy to spare. She was intelligent, she was listenable. She had a heart so big 'till it was scary."

"She wasn't gone away from here for five minutes till I got a call from other family members."

Hours later, Michael D. Harris was arrested in Anderson County. Back in Jacksonville, friends and neighbors were still dealing with their emotions.

"I'm going through a guilt trip," Rev. Dr. Parson says, "because I feel like I should have detained her a little bit longer today than what I did. I feel like I've lost a very very close relative, a sister or a daughter."

Michael D. Harris has been charged with murder, and is being held without bond. Jacksonville police say he has been arrested three times since January for crimes against his wife, including assault and arson. Faye Harris also had a protective order against her husband.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.