Longview Woman Dies in House Fire

Fire crews were called to a home on West Street in Longview just before 5 a.m. Saturday.

"En route they were advised that there was a possible victim inside," said Captain David Bates of the Longview Fire Department.

Investigators say a 41 year old woman had turned on her stove and then fallen asleep in the living area. Her 16 year old son was asleep in a bedroom.

Fire erupted in the kitchen and spread to the main rooms.  The teenager was injured but able to escape, however the mother was trapped in the front room, and couldn't get out.

The victim in this case had fallen asleep in a chair in the front room and by the time the fire got to this room the door was blocked by fire and the windows were blocked by bars. Fire crews had the blaze controlled in 15 minutes.

Fire investigators say the boy told them his mother was cut off from the front door by fire. And she couldn't get through windows because of bars.

"Anytime that you exclude those by putting bars over them then certainly your limiting your ability to exit a dwelling that would be on fire," according to Fire Marshal Davis Whitehurst.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation,

Bob Hallmark reporting.