Tax Free Weekend Brings Crowds Of Bargain Hunters

If the stores seem a bit more crowded this weekend, there's a good reason. The state of Texas declared Friday through Sunday its fifth annual tax-free weekend, giving shoppers a break from the state's eight-and-a-half percent sales tax.

Because of budget problems, several other states, including Florida and Pennsylvania, did away with their tax-free holidays this year. In Texas, however, the weekend will save shoppers an estimated 43.8 million dollars in taxes.

For some retailers like Target, the annual weekend has become its own holiday.

"It's big," says store manager Larry Edwards. "We've planned for this weekend, we've prepared for this weekend, and we do different things in terms of distribution."

"The six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the sales Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are comparable to that."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.