A wet/dry vote could be in the works for an East Texas community.

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

A wet/dry vote could be in the works for another east Texas community. Signatures are being gathered to put alcohol sales on the may ballot in Grand Saline. The controversy is being cranked up, all with the help of one big sign.

Eric Brown, a Grand Saline resident, decided to make a huge sign, the size of the side of their building, to help direct people inside to sign a petition for allowing alcohol to be sold in the town. If the petition gets over nine hundred signatures, it will be approved to be on this coming up election ballot in May. If the petition is successful, this will be the third year in a row it has appeared on ballot.

Some residents feel they have voted it off the last two years and wonder why it has to be brought up a third year in a row. Grand Saline resident, Betty Crain says, " I just don't think we need alcohol in the town, it might bring in money, but it might bring in other things too."

However, Brown is confident that by passing alcohol sells in the town, it will bring more safety. Brown says, " Statistics show that dry counties are as dangerous or more dangerous than wet counties." Brown feels like if people could buy beer and take it home, it will lower the number of problems than people drinking at restaurants and driving home drunk. He continued to say, "if you don't drink beer or wine right now I don't think having it available within three or four miles by your house will create some kind of incentive for you to go buy beer."

Crain stands her ground and said, "I don't understand why they keep pushing and pushing and bringing it up. I feel like we don't want, I don't want it, and I think the majority rules and you need to leave it alone after awhile."

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