Home invaders posing as cops attack woman

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Five masked suspects claiming they were police officers rushed a home Tuesday morning, assaulted a woman and stole an SUV.

According to Cleveland Police, the victim heard someone pounding on the front door, went to answer it only to be greeted by masked men.

The suspects rushed the home located at 16204 Huntmere Avenue and forced the victim, 36-year-old April Ricks, to lay on the floor face down. They then beat Ricks in the head with their handguns. All five suspects had weapons.

Next, the suspects asked Ricks where the dope was. She was forced to lay on a bed while the masked suspects rummaged through the home looking for the drugs.

As the suspects were leaving, they grabbed Ricks' car keys to her Ford Expedition and took off with the car.

Officers arrived on scene shortly after the suspects left.

Ricks suffered large lacerations to her head and was taken to Huron Hospital for treatment..

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