Cops: Man buried twin brother behind their home

William Hatchett
William Hatchett

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OHIO CO, KY (WFIE) - Beaver Dam Police have arrested 36-year-old William Hatchett of Beaver Dam, Kentucky, and charged him with tampering with physical evidence.

Police say Hatchett confessed to burying his twin brother in the backyard of their Church Street home. Police say this family has seen more than its share of tragedy over the years.

Beaver Dam Police Chief Adam Wright says, "An anonymous caller called in and said they wanted a welfare check at 26 Church Street."

What started as a welfare check on 36-year-old Robert Hatchett has now turned into a homicide investigation. Beaver Dam Police searched the home and found a shallow grave in the backyard.

Chief Wright says, "With just a couple scrapes of the surface, we were able to see parts of the body. "

Beaver Dam Police say Robert's twin brother, William, wrapped Robert in a sheet and buried him in their backyard weeks ago. William tells police Robert died of natural causes.

Family of victim Telisha Drake says, "I would see William sometimes at church and he would always ask for prayers for Robbie."

Family members say Robert suffered from Huntington's disease at an early age, and say Robert couldn't walk very well and could not speak.

Leaving William to care for Robert at a young age, both parents and the twins' sister died in the same house years ago. Family members say the mother died of diabetes, but the father shot and killed the sister, and then killed himself.

Drake says, "They've had a really hard and difficult road. For anybody to have to help try to raise a sibling when you're not really that old, that really is sad and devastating."

Police say William told officers Robert was with family members in Ohio, but Dayton Police could not find him. Beaver Dam Police say they found what they call William's escape plan.

Chief Wright say, "We did find he obtained a ticket for a Greyhound bus to leave Kentucky."

Now the twin's family say they just want to know the truth.

Drake says, "I hope they find out what really happened and to give William a fair chance, because I don't think he'd do anything to hurt his brother. He stood by him and did the best he could do."

The coroner will conduct an autopsy on Robert Hatchett Tuesday morning. William Hatchett remains at the Ohio County Detention Center.

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