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A Better East Texas: State deficit

Here is the next warning shot for all of us concerning the State of Texas' revenue deficit. State Comptroller Susan Coombs released the revenue estimates for the next two years and they are $15 billion dollars less than the state is operating on currently. Other outside estimates put the revenue deficit at closer to $27 billion. Something will have to give and it appears that the recession has finally caught up with the State of Texas. Now business may be good in a lot of areas and revenues will continue to grow but our state is down from where it was several years ago. So what will give? Lawmakers are faced with raising revenue through some type of tax increase or cutting spending. The unfortunate logical targets for spending cuts are education and health and human services.  No matter what the decided course, we need leadership. Governor Perry has downplayed this as essentially a non emergency, but he has to face facts and this will be the biggest test of his administration. He has got to inspire lawmakers to make the tough decisions, tighten the belt and move on with the plan, but again, he has to admit there is a problem first and it is actually more like a crisis. Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst needs to show his business savvy as well and together perhaps he and the Governor can steer us out of this mess, keeping our state on top and making for a Better East Texas.

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