Wet roads spark interstate accidents

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- The rain slicked roads spawned dozens of accidents around East Texas Sunday, with some motorists having to be rescued. Only a week after snow and ice, wet roads were causing drivers all along I20 to slide off the road way.

"With the rain today, we've had multiple accidents on I20 everything from slide-offs to rear ends," says Harrison County DPS trooper Michael Player.

Two adults and three children had to be rescued after their car slid off I20, down an embankment , then crashed into a tree line. All were unhurt.

"When the roads get wet the oil and everything else that's in these roads comes to the surface," Trooper Player says.

From back roads , to city streets, rescue and wrecker services were flying from one accident to another, all day long.

"Its been rough , we just got off of one that rolled over on a lease road, in the woods , trees, you name it , it can happen out here, we've got two more on the median behind us, " says rescue worker Jeff Davidson.

An 18-wheeler hydroplaned, and slid off rupturing its fuel tank. Rescue workers had to watch over their shoulders while helping others, afraid of what could happen behind them. And a familiar request from troopers.

"What we need is for motorists to slow down," Trooper Player says.

Though dozens of accidents were worked, no serious injuries were reported.

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