Hoop Dreams: The birth of a new league

By Coleman Swierc

Tyler, Tx (kltv) - Ryan Girardot, does it all.

"I would be the founder, the CEO, and the owner, so you take your pick."

"that's a lot of titles for a 20 year old, but this is no ordinary 20 year old.

"It has never been done before, so I figure I should be the one to do it."

When he was just 13, he turned a neighborhood basketball game, into a full-blown basketball league.

"We are trying to be a recreational basketball league, that offers the first ever state and future national championships," said Girardot.

"We have 20 locations across the state, in 13 cities."

But the Shamrock Basketball Association is no ordinary league.

The players are not professionals, the players are not even paid.

It is a league, for those who love the game.

"It gives people that are average the chance to play at a high level," said Girardot, "It gives them the opportunity to get discovered, kind of like diamonds in the rough concept."

He admits, his league will never match the NBA on the court, and that's ok, but off the court, you never know.

"I'm maybe more like a Mark Cuban meets David Stern, since I own the league."

Now, like any good owner, he wants more.

"We want to be national, no doubt about it, we want to take out league all over the country. "

"We want to put it in ever single city that can handle it pretty much."

There are SBA basketball teams in the Tyler/Longview area.

If you are interested in joining the league, you can visit the league site here: SHAMROCK BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION