Officer Injured, One Man Dead After Shoot-out

Police say it was a drug transaction gone wrong. Shortly after 6:00 p.m., residents at Grand Manor Apartments, north of Texas College in Tyler, say they heard six to seven shots ring out. One of those was fatal. Tyler police confirm the man killed is 35 year old Terence Arness Raibon; three other people were injured in the incident. That includes two civilians and a Tyler bicycle police officer who was trying to stop the alleged drug transaction.

The officer, 29 year old Kenneth Gardner is in serious condition. His injuries are believed to be non- life threatening and he is talking. Two civilians injured in the crossfire were brought to ETMC as well. Their injuries are not life- threatening; one shot in the leg, one shot in the hand.

Police say they found a gun underneath the body of Terence Arness Raibon, the man who was killed. Tyler police say a team of four to five bicycle cops may have been at the scene investigating illegal activity.  Those who know the deceased said just moments before the gunfire, the man who was killed had dropped his little girl off at a friend's apartment. Tyler police just told us they recovered two guns from the suspect as well as large amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.